Paul Waring - Guitar & Bass Tuition, Repairs, Setups & Customisations

About Me

Hi, my name is Paul Waring. I have been involved in music for over 30 years from playing recorder and violin at primary school to trombone, guitar, bass, drums and piano at secondary school. I have played in a wide range of ensembles including orchestras, wind bands, brass bands, big bands and show bands, as well as many other bands playing rock, soul, funk, pop, metal, etc, etc.

I have been a songwriter and composer for over twenty-five years and have been recording my own work in my home studio for most of that time. This has given me a depth of knowledge regarding MIDI and Digital Recording (it has all come a long way from the Atari ST).

Guitar & Bass Guitar Lessons

I have taught guitar and bass guitar lessons to all ages for over fifteen years. I was a guitar and bass tutor at George's Music Store in Walsall and later in Aldridge.

I have taught in local primary schools and I am registered with the University of Wolverhampton via the Black Country Children's University program.

I provide online lessons using Skype, Facebook and Whatsapp. I am currently providing lessons for Guitar, Bass and Ukulele.

I teach pupils in groups of no more than four and I group my students by ability. As well as providing my own lesson sheets I also utilise the Rockschool courses for guitar and bass. I also provide homework so that what I have been teaching can be worked upon until the next lesson.

For your peace of mind I have an Enhanced DBS Certificate (via Walsall Council).

Lessons are £20.00 per hour (£10.00 per half hour).

For pupils aged 12 and under lessons are £10.00 per hour (£5.00 per half hour).

If you would like any further information regarding lessons please contact me on 07761 348835 or email me at

Guitar Repairs and Set-Ups

I have been setting up, repairing and customising guitars and basses for over twenty years and was the Guitar Tech at George's Music Store in Walsall and Aldridge.

I setup Electric and Acoustic Guitars and Bass Guitars as well as carrying out fret repairs such as levelling and dressing, partial or complete refrets or simply sorting out sharp fret ends.

I can also undertake any wiring work such as complete rewires, pickup replacement, adding coil taps, series/parallel switching, replacing pots, replacing switches, etc.

If you would like any further information or a quote please contact me on 07761 348835 or email me at

You can view/download my list of charges Guitar & Bass Repair, Setup & Customisation Price List